FRB: Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey: January 2014

The October 2014 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices addressed changes in the standards and terms on, and demand for, bank loans to businesses and households over the past three months. This summary discusses the responses from 76 domestic banks and 22 U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks.

Questions on commercial real estate lending. A modest net fraction of banks reported that they had eased standards on construction and land development loans, while standards for loans secured by nonfarm nonresidential structures and multifamily residential properties remained about unchanged. Moderate net fractions of banks indicated that they had experienced stronger demand for all three subcategories of CRE loans. On balance, foreign banks also reported having eased lending standards on CRE loans and having seen stronger demand for such loans over the past three months.

Questions on residential real estate lending. A moderate net fraction of large banks reported that they had eased standards on prime residential mortgages over the past three months. Smaller banks reported that standards for prime residential mortgages were about unchanged on net. Reported changes in demand for mortgage loans were mixed. On net, although large banks reported that demand for prime mortgages had weakened, smaller banks experienced increases. However, demand for nontraditional mortgages was weaker, on net, across both bank size groups. Few banks reported having changed their standards on home-equity lines of credit, and respondents indicated that they had experienced little change in demand for such loans on net.

The Rise of the #Residential #Solar #PV Customer

Residential solar is booming in the U.S., driven primarily by the lease/power buying business model. This model appeals to the energy consumer’s desire for a degree of independence from utility rate hikes and allows the consumer to continue renting electricity instead of making the shift to owning the means of electricity production.

Does #Residential #Housing Bring Jobs?

That really helps get rid of the vacant space,” Coyle said. “It tightens that office market up and it’s bringing young people, 30-somethings, not only into Northeast Ohio but to the Cleveland CBD. They want to live, work and play here. That’s bringing energy and excitement to the CBD.” – See more at: